Too Many Police Die from 911 Calls and routine patrols!

Already ! In 2018 we have lost brothers in Blue to a lack of respect for law enforcement.

I would say that it only exists in America but I am positive the lack of respect for law enforcement is across the globe.

The only thing I know that would bring back the respect is refresher training on a number of things that is trained in some academy’s across America. However, I am a person that has researched some departments training and I am sure that the following items are on the back burner or slow track when it comes to training:

Approaching a traffic stop, cautious at all times!

Being 911 dispatched to any call, Domestic especially!

Responding to calls received in the office or patrol room or police clerk!

Taking control of any situation, using the “Use of Force and Level of Force” listed in your Policy and Procedure Manual! (If it’s not in there I suggest that become a priority.)

Being aware of your surroundings at all times! If you are taking a break from patrolling or stopping to have lunch in your vehicle, keep your head on a swivel! ( We lost officers that were sitting in their patrol cars)

I am in no way trying to step over training that was received at your local or State level Police Academy. I am a paid Consultant and would love to visit your PD, Sheriff Office, Rescue Squad, 911 Center, and/or City Hall and discuss areas listed above and analyze your Policy and Procedures, Rules and Regulations for all personnel and discuss if training is needed. I have a tendency to call this training Auxiliary/Refresher Training because if an officer was not trained on these items in the Academy, they received the training from their Field Training Officer (hopefully).

Published by wallcoentandd4631

I am retired Air Force (20years, 1971 - 1991), retired Police Chief, 21years as a Police Officer Trained at The West Virginia State Police, City Officer Course (1993 - West Virginia), Volunteer Fireman at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Volunteer Ambulance Driver and Rescue Member at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Past Member of American Society for Training Developmental of Charlotte, NC, Life Membership with Disabled American Veterans, Past President/Vice President of Vietnam Veterans of America WV Chapter 1072 and NC1033. My experience in life has been as an outstanding trainer, instructor, motivator, speaker, Presenter, leader, manager, educator, coach, writer, and father with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management..

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