4th Amendment, Section 14141, violations

Well, I am going to edit this post since it has been up for over 10 months without a single comment! The original post starts here and I will add comments below. You bet there has been a few violations of the 4th Amendment by police and their departments across the U.S. and you can bet your sweet bippy that there has been as many violent attacks against the men and women in police uniforms.

This does not give rights to the police departments across our great nation to violate the rights of our citizens, and it sure as all get up, doesn’t give our citizens the right to go out and beat a cop down or kill an officer.

I personnally lost a friend that was a Chief of Police that had a bad habit for small town cops. He would sit in the same place every day and eat his lunch in his patrol car. As he enjoyed his meal, locals would pass by and say hello or wave at him. This became habit! One day he was sitting there and a local fellow that he knew as a good ole boy walked up from behind his patrol car and the Chief didn’t think nothing of it, because this fellow had walked past himmany days before over the years. One thing changed this day. The guy walked up from behind the patrol car, pulled an automatic weapon, and began firing into the Chiefs car, emptying the clip in his weapon. Who was at fault for this deadly act? Was it the local good ole dude that passed by the Chief every day (by the way, he had been in and out of jail for drunk in public, and other misdemeanor charges, and the Chief had let him off with warnings many times in the past). Was it the Chief’s fault for sitting in the same spot every day and not being more careful/observant while in lunch mode? Think about it, should the Chief have known? Hmmm!

We are in desperate times across America with everyone pointing fingers at someone else. We have schools being shot up by young men that are supposedly mentally incapable of understanding what they are doing. (Hog Wash)

The Department of Justice (DOJ), started tracking the Use of Force by police departments across the U.S., collecting data at the beginning of (2018) on police shootings and other violent encounters when they come in contact with the public, and after protests and investigations. This investigation is due to data collected since 2014 due to deadly episodes. The DOJ is trying to fill a gap or loss in information released or available to the public about police shootings, beatings, or other violent acts.

In April 2014 the DOJ basically told the Chief of Albuquerque, Police Department (APD)that the DOJ had concluded that the APD had definitely used excessive force and violated the rights (4th Amendment) by engaging in bad practices. They concluded that the bad practices was due to insufficient oversight of the City, a lack of training or insufficient training of police officers, and bad practices with an overall lack of policy. The DOJ concluded that APD had to change the culture of the department to correct these violations. It is apparent today that APD has changed their culture because DOJ is no longer briefing the Chief about bad behavior. I am sure that I could do the same thing DOJ officials did and find some officer(s) that may be a bit rough with their apprehension of violent offenders. However, I can also provide training to the department that would supress or stop the unwanted behavior in as much as a week!

Opinions and/or comments are welcome, because this is what I think! The DOJ can conduct their investigation on every P.D. in the country large or small and will come out with different results due to the culture of the City, not necessarily

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I am retired Air Force (20years, 1971 - 1991), retired Police Chief, 21years as a Police Officer Trained at The West Virginia State Police, City Officer Course (1993 - West Virginia), Volunteer Fireman at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Volunteer Ambulance Driver and Rescue Member at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Past Member of American Society for Training Developmental of Charlotte, NC, Life Membership with Disabled American Veterans, Past President/Vice President of Vietnam Veterans of America WV Chapter 1072 and NC1033. My experience in life has been as an outstanding trainer, instructor, motivator, speaker, Presenter, leader, manager, educator, coach, writer, and father with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management..

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