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When I refer to ethics, I am not only referring to police ethics, I am speaking of ethics across the board, everyone. Recently I watched as police officers were asked to leave a coffe house because a customer felt unsafe (supposedly), and although the normal reaction to most people is to smile and be grateful that police are present so that bad behavior does not spark up while they are in the business.
So, what are they afraid of? Would the person that felt uncomfortable with the presence of police in the business, rather have gang members, or mafia members, or some other criminal element present instead? If for some reason the police are commiting a crime in your presence and you are able to film it on that iphone or android that you stay on 24/7, film it for evidence and turn it over to the District Attorney or if you trust the State Police, or County Sheriff, turn it over to them with a written statement.
All police are not bad! Let’s look at our society as a whole in 2018/19 so far, there are very high paid acctresses and actors behaing unethical, there are preachers and teachers, doing the same, there are CEOs, COO, and down the line all kinds of supposedly supervisors acting out in unetical ways.
An Actor/Comedian named Nipsey Russell used to have a saying “The devil made me do it”! Well, I don’t think that our behavior is a part of the devils way, because he would create alot more turmoil, and if things keep going as they are today, I may have to change my thoughts and go with Nipsey!
How do we correct this nonsense? Comment.

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I am retired Air Force (20years, 1971 - 1991), retired Police Chief, 21years as a Police Officer Trained at The West Virginia State Police, City Officer Course (1993 - West Virginia), Volunteer Fireman at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Volunteer Ambulance Driver and Rescue Member at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Past Member of American Society for Training Developmental of Charlotte, NC, Life Membership with Disabled American Veterans, Past President/Vice President of Vietnam Veterans of America WV Chapter 1072 and NC1033. My experience in life has been as an outstanding trainer, instructor, motivator, speaker, Presenter, leader, manager, educator, coach, writer, and father with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management..

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