How do we stop the madness that is happening in our world?

Well. that is a great question! I am not an expert on the subject but I am going to give you my idea and a word of advice (take it or leave it), and as I said (repeated), I am not an expert, and I am not a bible thumper , as some of you will say, However, I believe that for the madness to go away, we as people need to revert, that means go back and look, read in the New King James version, we read that God created the heavens and the earth, man and woman and all the creatures of the earth and he said all is good, He created the soil and seeds of every kind to be planted. When he created beast and birds and other creatures, he spoke for them to go out and multiply so that the earth would be filled, and he gave that same message to man and woman,
Now, I don’t recall where he said go out and buy guns that man created and destroy the beast, and/or man. I do remember him saying do not have false Gods because those with false Gods will suffer (and they have or will be soon). Every person that has greed and gathers gold and other objects to worship should go back and read what happens to those that went against his word and worshiped false gods and objects.
OK, so you are tired of me speaking to you about what we have done wrong so, how do we fix it?
My suggestion (and it is simply that, a suggestion), Our law makers in Washington and in cities, counties and States, should write laws that do not allow anyone to own a weapon that is made for war, such as the multi-cartridge, high capacity magazine or allow rifles of any sort to be carried uncased, slung over the shoulder, or visible as being pointed at any person or thing within city limits. If this person or person(s) is found to be doing so, they should be arrested and a high fine and prison time should be assed. If they actually commit a crime where they actually use the weapon and destroys a person or thing that God himself created (which is all things) then they should be sent to be judged by their peers (a jury) and punished for their crime(s).
Will this stop the madness in the world? I don’t think so!
So, I say we allow open carry of pistols by everyone over 21 years old and if we have shoot outs in the streets, there should be law (police to remove the persons and weapons from the streets and the persons should be judged and punished with extremely high fines, placed in solitary confinement and reminded daily of Gods will (that all things should go out and multiply and prosper), not kill every thing just because you have a gun!
Now, I carry a gun, and I am retired military and retired law enforcement. I am well trained on my weapon and I have had many years of repeated words pushed at me from military leaders, Police Chiefs, Pastors, and my wife that informed me to carry and use this weapon only, and again I say Only, when it is absolutely necessary to protect life. I believe that a law should be written that allows all police officers to open carry in every State in the United States and be authorized to protect the laws of every State, when traveling (if needed) and when there is a threat or fear for his/her safety or their family.
Will this stop the madness? No, at least I don’t think so!
What I think (again my own personal opinion) is when we as a world gain our morals and beliefs back that we can love one another, regardless of race, creed, religion, or color. Then maybe we can stop the madness.
As a retired Chief of Police, I have seen many disturbed persons (drunk or sober) act out, but they were unarmed, mostly, and the ones armed with other weapons other than guns, I talked to them and was able to get their weapon and arrest them with out incident.
This part is going to start a fire and or some backlash on me, but I’m a “big boyyyy,” as one of my best retired police friends (Mikey, my brother from another mother, but we love the same grandmother) you know who you are, would say! Okay, first, Chiefs need to start being leaders and not friends, young police officers need to stop being John Wayne imitators, getting out of their cars and putting their hands on their weapons or even drawing their weapons when there is no threat present. Also, Stop being scared of people because they are a different color or race than you. Get to know your communities, get out of your patrol car and show your communities that you patrol that you are there for and with them. Stop the drug dealers, pimps, prostitutes, and others from soliciting on street corners. We used to stand on street corners within the neighborhood and sing (copying the Tempting Temptations), there was no Star Search, American Idol, or Voice back in those days, darn we missed out because we could sing, at least in our hearing (but don’t ask the neighbors). I grew up in Atlanta Georgia in the 1950s, and 60s, and I could walk from the North side of the city to the West side and never got shot. I got beat up a couple of times but I was a scrapper so, don’t feel bad for me because I gave as good as I got, even if I lost.
Come on world, WAKE UP! Love one another, get the drugs off the street, Cops stop being afraid and be mister friendly to everyone you see or stop. Barney Fife never had to draw his gun and he only carried one bullet, when Andy didn’t have it in his pocket! Get the drugs away from our children! Protect our schools, and don’t hide from an active shooter, go get them! Think about this, Pimps used to move the dope pushers off their corners so that their girls could work! We don’t want that again, because we want our society to be clean of all bad things such as that! I believe in the Christian Church and I’m not asking you to, I’ve been Baptized and received God’s blessing. Yes, I have been a backslider and forgot where I was from and what I believed for about 10 years and believe me I was lost! However, I found my faith and came back to the storehouse to receive the meat that will get me through. I have a great teacher, Pastor, and friend at my new storehouse, and the congregation is also my family and supports and guides me.
Let’s get our morals back, take our streets back, eat meals together, and pray, thanking God for what we have , especially since he created it. Okay, some of you believe that God didn’t do all this and I will not go against your beliefs but I will stick to mine!
Thanks for listening/reading my Blog rant at 4am in the morning.

Published by wallcoentandd4631

I am retired Air Force (20years, 1971 - 1991), retired Police Chief, 21years as a Police Officer Trained at The West Virginia State Police, City Officer Course (1993 - West Virginia), Volunteer Fireman at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Volunteer Ambulance Driver and Rescue Member at Station 30 in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia (1993 - 1996), Past Member of American Society for Training Developmental of Charlotte, NC, Life Membership with Disabled American Veterans, Past President/Vice President of Vietnam Veterans of America WV Chapter 1072 and NC1033. My experience in life has been as an outstanding trainer, instructor, motivator, speaker, Presenter, leader, manager, educator, coach, writer, and father with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management..

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