Are Leaders Ready to Lead?

The time has come for all of us to step up in the Police community and STOP the mistakes, the misbehavior, the unlawful acts of violence, the unpleasant appearance that we give to all departments when one apple spoils the whole bunch, and etc., etc., etc…

Can I get one leader to step up to the plate and say, let’s meet, review our procedures, and let’s put a plan together that works for our department and make us better people.

Come speak to our Council and Mayor and citizens of this town and convince them that training is needed for them as well, to get the entire team on the same level playing field.

There is too much hate, anger, and distrust throughout the world to just stand by and say ” well, that’s the way it is, and that’s the way it will be.” We can do better!

Do you know or have the latest body cameras available for your police officers?

Do you prepare each officer for their shift and provide them with the proper tools and words to get them through a shift safe without any incidents that might cause the department or city a lawsuit?

Send me an email and we can arrange a date for us to meet and discuss how we can make things much better for your department! or text 704-609-8094.

Let’s STOP: Dancing in a bar with a loaded gun in the back of your pants and hitting flips, then accidentally shooting a person in the leg! Let’s stop, pulling over 84 year old men and women and trying to pull them out of their car while they still have their seatbelt on and then throw them on the ground and place a knee in the back of their throat, for a simple traffic violation, and this is just a few, so let’s STOP, chasing motorcycles and wrecking cruisers because we ran into a citizen that pulled out in front of us, even though we were showing lights and sounding the siren. Let’s just STOP! And Train!

Thanks! Comments are welcome!

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